#TalentedTuesday: @IISuperwomanII Takes Unicorns (Viewers) on #AT2UI

This #TalentedTuesday is dedicated to the motivational, inspirational and witty Lilly Singh aka Superwoman. I was having a binge-watching YouTube session of the Fine Bros’ REACT channel when I came across Teens React To Superwoman.

So basically this skit is how I found the Superwoman channel.

Now Lilly Singh both in comedian & vlog format has become appointment television (or YouTube-vision) for me. I am happy be apart of the unicorns (what Singh calls her subscribers). Her commentary on life, whether social, advocacy or comical, is spot on. Her videos are a great way for me to cap a busy day or keep company on a lazy day.

Her journey to becoming Superwoman came after a battle with depression she told People magazine.


“I didn’t have goals. I didn’t feel like eating. I was upset for absolutely no reason,” Singh says in the current issue of PEOPLE. “I told myself, ‘You have a choice: Either continue feeling this way or do something to change your life.'”

Singh was at a crossroads between applying for graduate school or attempting the career in entertainment she’d dreamed of since childhood. Singh, now 27, ultimately decided that using YouTube as a creative outlet would not only help her move on from her depression but possibly help others as well.

Singh’s Superwoman persona has landed her channel over seven million YouTube subscribers, a world tour and on February 10th she’s releasing a documentary, A Trip To Unicorn Island, about her tour on YouTubeRed.

Check out the trailer for the film below:

Nearly four months later and I have found myself enjoying many more YouTubers & creators who are apart of Singh’s world (FouseyTubeitsGrace, ConnorFranta, HumbleThePoet & her sister, Tina aka Neurotic Mom Diaries).

“Whuddup T-shirt reference,” “Shemurr,” & #LEH have become part of my vocabulary all courtesy of Lilly Singh.

One love. Thanks Lilly! That is a wrap & zoop. 

Look for A Trip To Unicorn Island premiering February 10th on YouTube Red.

Check out a few more awesome videos from Superwoman below and subscribe to her IISuperwomanII channel & her SuperwomanVlogs channel for more.

#TalentedTuesday: Josh Levi (Joshua Bolden)

Joshua Levi Bolden

No, this #TalentedTuesday is not about me. It is about Joshua Bolden, the actor. I came across this Joshua  while doing a name search for myself to see what perspective employers would see.

I was surprised to find there is a performer with whom I share the same name—down to the initial. He is Joshua Levi Bolden and I am Joshua Lewis Bolden.

Joshua Levi is a triple threat as an actor, dancer, and singer and is paying for what he wants in sweat.

He portrayed Jess Meriwhether’s brother Darius in the television series Friday Night Lights (which won 2011 Teen Choice Award for ‘Best Program of the Year’) and has taken the stage in several musicals.

Most recently he starred in Twist.  The musical was directed by the lady who inspired #TalentedTuesdays, Debbie Allen.

In addition to Twist, Bolden has performed in the Wizard of Oz, The Wiz, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Click here and listen to Josh sing Beat Goes On presented by Simmy Music

Joshua Levi Bolden & Debbie Allen (photo from joshua-bolden.com)

Whether performing on television or on stage Joshua likes them both for different reasons but if he had to choose he would take the latter.

“If I had to pick it would be on stage because of the immediate reaction,” Josh told me on Twitter.

Besides performing on stage and television the twelve year old likes to travel, play the guitar and when the time arrives he wants to attend Harvard University.

I do not know if we are related somewhere down the line. It would be mind-boggling if we are. I do know, from his reel alone, this young man is talented and is working hard at his dream.


Find out more about Joshua Levi around the web:

Josh Levi’s Official Site

Joshua on Twitter

Joshua on YouTube

Joshua Lewis’ Note: I think it would be fun for the Joshua L. Boldens to sit down for an interview. I don’t know when or where but some time in the future it has to happen.

Update: This post was originally titled #TalentedTuesday: Joshua Bolden

#TalentedTuesday: Julissa Sabino

Julissa Sabino, R&B & Pop Artist

I am starting off #TalentedTuesday with Julissa Sabino.

There are hundreds of artist on the Twitter but something made me take a further look at this Florida native.

I said #TalentedTuesday would be about people who pay for what they want  in sweat.

It would be about people who are making their dreams happen with hard work, determination and dedication.

Miss Sabino is the meaning of the Debbie Allen mantra, “pay for it in sweat.”

Whether covering another artist on YouTube or finding her mask I can tell she loves her craft and is doing what it takes to accomplish her dream.

Sabino’s goal as artist is to be a voice for Generation Y. She recently told her Tumblr followers,  “I just wanna be a voice for my generation. For the 90s kids and I wanna be a light in this very very dark industry.”

When I heard her rendition of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” I was floored. Her voice is incredible. This alto has big dreams and I have a feeling she is going to make all of them come true.

Readers do not have to take my word for it they can take a listen for themselves.

Sabino has modeled for Teen Vogue, MTV, and BET videos. As well as appeared on stage in productions including a Midsummer’s Night Dream and Peter Pan.

She recently signed with music label 1127 Music Group and is recording her debut album.

(Click here to hear one of Sabino’s songs “Girlfriend.”)

Outside of her beautiful voice she really interacts with her fans and I personally think that sets her apart from most. I could not think of a better artist (on the week of her birthday no less) to start off this new venture on Unscripted Observations. I would love to interview this talented young woman one day.

Julissa Sabino

Check out  more from Miss Sabino on the web.


Julissa’s YouTube Channel

Julissa on Tumblr

@JuliSabino on Twitter

Josh’s Note: Congrats on all your success so far Miss Sabino and (early) Happy Birthday!

#TalentedTuesday: Pay For It In Sweat.

You got big dreams?

You want fame?

Well fame costs and right here is where you start paying—in SWEAT!

—Lydia Grant, Fame


Fame's Lydia Grant, Coco, & Leroy (Debbie Allen, Erica Gimpel, and Gene Anthony Ray respectively).

Debbie Allen has never uttered truer words. I think one can apply these words to any field of study, any want, or any dream.

You want to be a singer? You have to pay for it.

You want to be an actor? You have to pay for it.

You want to be journalist? You have to pay for it.

You want to be a doctor? You have pay for it.

You want to be a lawyer? You have to pay for it.

This is idea of achieving one’s dreams by paying for what he or she wants in sweat is the basis for something new I am starting here at Unscripted Observations. This idea is called #TalentedTuesday. Sometimes I come across really talented people and I want to share the things I like about them in more than 140.

#TalentedTuesdays could be about up and coming entertainers, someone doing good in the world, or someone with just off the wall talent. I have already stumbled across some individuals who will most definitely be profiled for #TalentedTuesday. I hope my readers will find these individuals as amazing, interesting and as unique as I do.