#ConversationStarter: “Do What You Love.”

“Do What You Love”–Andrea Valeria

The pop culture boss, who is, Andrea Valeria recently released new vlog called “Do What You Love” and I wanted to share it here.

I couldn’t agree more with the gal who overdoses in pop culture. Why spend life doing something that doesn’t or only makes you somewhat content with life?

Do something that ignites the fire in you and makes you happy that you’re getting out of bed everyday!

Chime In: What makes you happy? Are you doing that thing? If not, why not?

Visit AndreaValeria.com for everything pop.

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He Stands In The Wings

He stands in the wings

Watching from afar

Hoping one day he’ll have her heart.

Supportive of every thing she does

Wondering if he’s found true love.

Every flaw she doesn’t admire.

Is every thing he desires.

She stands front in center.

Adorn by every eye

yearning for someone

to love her inside.

For she has nothing to hide

Continuously searching for the one to be by her side

Looking for love in all these places

gazing into all these faces.

Hoping for one so dear

Not even a ponder he may be near.

He stands in the wings

watching this doll.

There to catch her should she fall.

And unlike the eyes in sight

He is there every night.

Mentally he is close.

He knows her better than most.

He stands in the wings.

She stands front in center

Tired and withered.

Ready for the show to end

she looks to her left stagehand and friend

as curtain call begins

she sees him beaming with delight

as he mouths “good job tonight”

She stands front in center

She extends her hand

Together they band

There for each other tried and true

On this last night neither shall feel blue

for her eyes opened

when he reveal

what he really feel.