#TalentedTuesday: @IISuperwomanII Takes Unicorns (Viewers) on #AT2UI

This #TalentedTuesday is dedicated to the motivational, inspirational and witty Lilly Singh aka Superwoman. I was having a binge-watching YouTube session of the Fine Bros’ REACT channel when I came across Teens React To Superwoman.

So basically this skit is how I found the Superwoman channel.

Now Lilly Singh both in comedian & vlog format has become appointment television (or YouTube-vision) for me. I am happy be apart of the unicorns (what Singh calls her subscribers). Her commentary on life, whether social, advocacy or comical, is spot on. Her videos are a great way for me to cap a busy day or keep company on a lazy day.

Her journey to becoming Superwoman came after a battle with depression she told People magazine.


“I didn’t have goals. I didn’t feel like eating. I was upset for absolutely no reason,” Singh says in the current issue of PEOPLE. “I told myself, ‘You have a choice: Either continue feeling this way or do something to change your life.'”

Singh was at a crossroads between applying for graduate school or attempting the career in entertainment she’d dreamed of since childhood. Singh, now 27, ultimately decided that using YouTube as a creative outlet would not only help her move on from her depression but possibly help others as well.

Singh’s Superwoman persona has landed her channel over seven million YouTube subscribers, a world tour and on February 10th she’s releasing a documentary, A Trip To Unicorn Island, about her tour on YouTubeRed.

Check out the trailer for the film below:

Nearly four months later and I have found myself enjoying many more YouTubers & creators who are apart of Singh’s world (FouseyTubeitsGrace, ConnorFranta, HumbleThePoet & her sister, Tina aka Neurotic Mom Diaries).

“Whuddup T-shirt reference,” “Shemurr,” & #LEH have become part of my vocabulary all courtesy of Lilly Singh.

One love. Thanks Lilly! That is a wrap & zoop. 

Look for A Trip To Unicorn Island premiering February 10th on YouTube Red.

Check out a few more awesome videos from Superwoman below and subscribe to her IISuperwomanII channel & her SuperwomanVlogs channel for more.

#ConversationStarter: “Do What You Love.”

“Do What You Love”–Andrea Valeria

The pop culture boss, who is, Andrea Valeria recently released new vlog called “Do What You Love” and I wanted to share it here.

I couldn’t agree more with the gal who overdoses in pop culture. Why spend life doing something that doesn’t or only makes you somewhat content with life?

Do something that ignites the fire in you and makes you happy that you’re getting out of bed everyday!

Chime In: What makes you happy? Are you doing that thing? If not, why not?

Visit AndreaValeria.com for everything pop.

Follow @itsaPopOD on Twitter too.

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#TalentedTuesday: It’s A Pop OD.

“If you’re into motivational spiels….then go write a book.” — Andrea V.

This edition of #Talented goest to my #twitterfam known as @itsapopOD on the social network but Andrea Valeria on her vlog and everywhere else.

She has shared camera time with Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and even danced with the Rockettes–the itsapopOD versions of them (although she’s bound to chill with the real ones once Ryan Seacrest creates a show for her on E! *cough*).

I stumbled across AV, years ago, on Twitter when searching for bilingual journalists to follow (porque algun dia voy a ser un reportero que habla lenguas dos).

Yep! She’s not just a hilarious vlogger, at one point in time, she held down the hard news front for Bay News 9 en Espanol.

Quite frankly, I could not have been happier to make that follow button go blue because come to find out she wasn’t just news; she lives and breathes pop culture too.

Her overdose on pop started as a blog.

She then channeled her amazingly observant pop culture view into a YouTube channel and now she is nominated for a Shorty Award.

You don’t have to take my word or Shortys though check out some of her videos below.

If it was not for #7 this post wouldn’t be written, it’s one of my favorite vids and if the Library of Congress ever archives vlogs this one should be in there.

Visit AndreaValeria.com for everything pop.

Follow @itsaPopOD on Twitter too.

#ConversationStarter: Beyond Politics.

First Lady Michelle Obama & Beyonce Knowles grace the cover of Vogue.

This opinion piece, Mrs. O and Beyoncé: A Problematic Love Fest?, has shown up in my social media feeds for the last couple of days so let’s start a conversation here on ‘unscripted.’

Recently, First Lady Michelle Obama and Beyoncé have been exchanging pleasantries with each other.

‘The Pink Panther’ star wrote a public letter to the First Lady expressing how grateful she is that her daughter can grow up in a world where someone in the highest office in the land resembles her.

Mrs. Obama responded to Beyoncé in a tweet, “thank you for the beautiful letter and for being a role model who kids everywhere can look up to.”

Days later People Magazine asks First Lady Obama if she could trade places with anyone in the world who would it be?

“Gosh. If I had some gift, I’d be Beyoncé, I’d be some great singer,” the First Lady responded.

The First Lady’s comment caused commentators across the web to take issue from Loop21 to The Root.com.

Now they are facing backlash from readers—The Root.com’s Demetria L. Lucas in particular.

According to Lucas, Mrs. Obama’s admiration of the pop star “sends a damaging, demeaning and dangerous message to women and girls.”

Lucas characterized Beyoncé’s success to the following:

Vibe: Meet Your New Role Models: Kandi, Tamar, Evelyn & Chrissy (Reality Stars).

She is only slightly more role model-esque than three of the four reality stars ironically gracing the current cover of Vibe. Let’s keep it funky, folks: Beyoncé’s talent — the one that’s made her a multimillionaire and a household name — is the ability to habitually line-step on the Madonna-whore dichotomy. That is to say, she has mastered the art of moving her tush like a stripper and her hips like a porn star, and she still manages to be perceived as a lady and some sort of feminist. Women who have done the same or less have faced more criticism.

Her lyrics fluctuate between empowerment lite and sending women nearly back to the June Cleaver dark ages. For every “Me, Myself and I,” “Irreplaceable” or “Love on Top,” there are songs like “Cater 2 U,” where Bey (during her Destiny’s Child days) does everything for her man, from untying his shoestrings to offering a manicure.

►Read More.

The excerpt above is what stood out to me, several of my colleagues, and many in the social media sphere.

It was a hot topic is the WUMR (one of the stations where I work) studio yesterday and both of my female counterparts brought up how she attacked what Beyoncé wears and how she dresses on stage. Both highlighted that she wears more clothing than the average back up dancer in a hip-hop video and when Lucas compares the ‘Obsessed’ actress’ songs she is comparing song lyrics from two different eras in Knowles’ life.

Before I ask for you to chime in, see what those around the web have said:

While the tweeters are outraged the facebookers run the gambit saying, ‘that’s your opinion, they’re friends, cool, next topic.’ ►See Screenshot Click Here.

Josh’s Note: To characterize the singer, the actress, the entertainer, the designer and the businesswoman— someone who put in fifteen years of hard work to get where she is in life—in the same vein as a stripper, adult film star or a reality star is beyond farfetched.

No, I do not know what message a young woman would receive from the First Lady’s praise (and Miss Lucas is entitled to her opinion).

However, I still differ in sentiment with Lucas.

As a young man, what do I see is two women who admire each other. Two women who respect each other and two women who respect each other’s profession.

What I see is the opposite what is displayed “every time a reality show airs.” Their “‘love fest’ is combating the negative images of black women who pull wigs or throw wine bottles.


Chime in:

Is it justifiable to compare Beyoncé to a stripper, porn star and the four on Vibe?

Readers do you think Lucas made a correct assessment of First Lady Michelle Obama’s praise for Mrs. Carter?

#ConversationStarter: Honesty Always The Best Policy.

After four months on the job, a Yahoo CEO is out because he lied on his resume.

Scott Thompson claimed to have accounting and computer science degree.

Thompson embellished on the later and his resume padding extends pass Yahoo.

From CNNMoney.com:

False statements about Thompson’s degree stretch beyond his time at Yahoo, which began in January. References to a “computer science” degree also appeared in his online biographical information on PayPal’s website when Thompson was president of the eBay (EBAY, Fortune 500) subsidiary.

Before leaving Thompson told his board of directors he has thyroid cancer and is beginning treatments.

Yahoo media chief Ross Levinsohn will be named interim CEO.


Take home lesson: Honesty is always the best policy.

So let’s start a conversation. Have you ever padded up a resume?

The Original Twamiga

This Unscripted Observation is dedicated to the one and only Cheryl Ann Valentine.

After a year of memorable and not so memorable tweets a simple #FF: Cheryl Ann would not have been right.


Shoutout to childhood friend Chelcee Halley for which without I would've never stumbled upon my twamiga.

If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be writing about a person I’ve never actually  met, I would have said “that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard” probably would have thrown in a sarcastic glare too.

However, KarmenNicole, Beautiful_CAV, missPRETTY_CAV and any future handle she may hold is the exception to the idea. I only see it fit that I go beyond 140 characters for someone who has sent me many a “you’re silly” and “sir” and in return she gets #FFs, cute avatar (which they all are), and an assortment of nicknames.

It is a unique friendship—I’m not calling it a twiendship. One can only make up so many twitter words before he exceeds his quota and with words like twam, twamiga, and twitterboo, I think I’m close to exceeding mine.

To this day I still have no idea what motivated me to follow KarmenNicole. It wasn’t because she’s sweet, which she is, because I couldn’t see her tweets. It wasn’t because she was a Virgo. I didn’t learn that until months later. It wasn’t because she’s absolutely stunning. Although, she is even in a baseball cap and red t-shirt.  Cheryl is the first person I followed who I didn’t know personally who I interacted with on a regular basis (Back during a time when my following didn’t exceed my followees). Whatever the reason I’m glad I did so much so I’ve found old tweets and written this unscripted observation.

Cheryl, I most definitely have to put you up there with the others who bring nuggets of entertainment into my life. Thank you so much. You exude intelligence, beauty, and class. You never mence words and do so with tact. I admire and respect that.

Why I remember the date? I’ll chalk it up to my journalist memory. So here is to the original ‘twamiga,’ ‘pretty little lady,’ ‘twitterboo,’ ‘ma’m’, or just Cheryl Ann a simple #FollowFriday just would not have done this week justice.

Our twitter conversations don't always turn to roman noodles...some are memorable. lol.

Stalking Case Leads To Social Networking Warning

A recent article I came across about someone being stalked on social media:  First foursquare stalking case leads to social networking warning | Metro.co.uk

Via Metro.co.uk

According to the 26-year-old from Stockbridge, Edinburgh, he was ‘under siege’ for nine months from a 22-year-old woman who met him at an exhibition last year and then tracked his movements online.

She had been able to track the designer through foursquare, a site which allows users to ‘check in’ to venues where you live and find other friends.

‘It has become quite scary,’ he said of the woman, who sent him dozens of emails, calls and texts every day and showed up at places where he had met with friends – despite the fact she’d only encountered him for a few minutes.

Police, who are currently investigating the cyberstalking case, have warned people to be careful about the the information they put on social networking sites, pointing out that Facebook Places also lets users sign into locations.

Last year, the Crown Prosecution Service announced that cyberstalkers who harass people on social networking sites could face jail under a new crackdown.

Outlining its determination to tackle both stalking and the growing problem of cyberstalking, the organisation explained that restraining orders would ban offenders from posting ‘any material relating to the victim on sites including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter’.

Breaching the orders would mean perpetrators could be sent to prison for up to five years.

When I read this several questions came to mind:

Now what’s your view? Share!